Middlezoy Aerodrome


Elevation: 30ft AMSL.


Runways Surface-Grass. >>NOTE from 07/04/21 until further notice only 26/08 is operational<<

The Airfield has three operating runways: 24/06, 26/08 and 33/15. All runways are 18m wide (CAA recommendation) Take-off Run Available (TORA) Take-off Distance Available (TODA) and Landing Distance Available (LDA) are as follows for each Runway:

R/W 24 TORA 400m TODA 400m LDA 345m ( Displaced Threshold )

R/W 06 TORA 400m TODA 400m LDA 300m ( Displaced Threshold )

R/W 26 TORA 585m TODA 585m LDA 450m ( Displaced Threshold)

R/W 08 TORA 585m TODA 585m LDA 450m ( Displaced Threshold)

R/W 33 TORA 350m TODA 350m LDA 300m ( Displaced Threshold )

R/W 15 TORA 350m TODA 350m LDA 300m ( Displaced threshold )

There is no significant slope on the runways. There is currently no Clearway (CWY) available on any runway but this may change in the future. All runways are smooth well cut grass and R/W 24/06 has a short area of good quality concrete at the threshold of 24.

Radio: N/A


Middlezoy Aerodrome Joining Instructions In order to deconflict with traffic from Westonzoyland Microlight site ( who circuit to the East at 800ft ) it is important to follow the instructions below:

Join overhead not below 1500ft and proceed to the South East not descending until abeam Middlezoy village when you can then descend to 500ft and make your approach to the runway in use ( 26/08 is primary, wind permitting ) along the indicated tracks.

Make blind R/T calls to “Zoyland Microbase” on 129.830. Do not expect a reply but listen out for other aircraft. Suffix all your calls with “ Middlezoy”. eg - “ G-FRED approaching left base runway 26 Middlezoy”

At all times avoid the villages of Middlezoy and Othery and the Model Flying site shown on the photo.

Maintain a good lookout at all times ( there may be non-radio traffic around). If a go-around is necessary do not climb above 500ft until abeam Middlezoy following the briefed tracks as above.

Aircraft parking is East of the hangar, South of R/W 26.


Booking in / out is in the adjacent Nissen hut. (A cup of tea/coffee awaits)

Fuel 100LL: (On request) >>NOTE from 07/04/21 until further notice no fuel is available<<


Landing Fee: Donations


Airfield Info - Simon Childs: 07960056763

PPR - Dave Linney: 07901826351

Middlezoy Aerodrome operate from the southside of the old Westonzoyland Airfield. 4nm east of Bridgwater, Somerset, England, TA7 0JS